date 01/09/2000

type event

contributed by Nick Grater

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TEKNOTRIBE: The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) landscape is constantly writhing with evolution. Genres often split through binary fission into two distinct sub-genres. Vibrant sub-cultures attach themselves to these genres and the whole scene is constantly stimulated by this healthy dynamism. Some genres explode and go mainstream, others fizzle out and die rather sad, pathetic deaths. But some genres, like Castle Lager, stand the test of time.One of these genres is techno. And one of the biggest proponents of techno is Teknotribe!It's a name synonymous with the most fundamental underground scene in Johannesburg and, lately, is growing on a national scale. Brewed and distilled over the years, it is more than just a name nailed to a night out. Teknotribe is an experience. It's a sensory overload that will leave you breathless and enchanted. This doesn't come about through some fluke. It isn't just pure luck that makes any Teknotribe production a mind-blowing success. Teknotribe, and the people behind it, literally live and breathe techno. Their passion for techno seeps from their pores and is more than palpable. This is the magic ingredient to any successful production.For many years now, Teknotribe has been blazing a vapour trail of distinctive events that have left the Techno and Psy Trance connoisseur both educated and entertained. More importantly, Teknotribe has created a fanatical niche that has slavered over some of the most influential international DJs the planet has to offer and they continue to bring the world’s best to our shores.

1 artists

  • Nick Grater, Anti, Dr Hoffman and Jonothon


  • stonewater
  • hip hop

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    The Journey is an interactive timeline spanning from the birth of electronic music in South Africa to the present day. It’s about all of us who have built this scene, from the producers of countless epic events to the tireless foot soldiers pounding hours on the dancefloor. We are all in this together, co-creating the atmosphere we live for today.

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