date 07/07/1996

type venue

contributed by Yunes Giovanni Infanti

i was here

DJ Unique Yunes

Influenced by the electronic sounds of Orbital, Daft Punk, Leftfield, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Faithless as well as the mixing talents of Ricardo Villalobos, Sasha & Digweed and the legendary 3 deck Wizard, Carl Cox.rnHis passion for the Electronic Music Dance scene led him to introduce it to his home city by launching many successful underground events and eventually co-owning a couple of clubs in the late 90’s.rnYunes Infanti A.K.A, DJ Unique, A.K.A VoltLA8 has the unique ability to read a crowd’s response and the talent to program the correct sounds for that crowd at that moment combined with the experience to flawlessly mix and encapsulate the dance floor with Uplifting House all the way into the deeper sounds of his TechTrance sets.rnExperienced not to play every well known hit and a turntabilist at heart, DMC regional battles finalist times in a row and National DMC top 10 finalists in 1999 culminating to a slot at the renown; “From Mother with Love” party. VoltLa8 is without a doubt one of the most passionate and experienced DJ's/producers in the country and held his own alongside top internationals such as Jazzy M, Afroboogie, Christos, Nick Holder, Roger Goode, Crazy White Boy and Lee Davey to mention a few

3 artists

  • dj unique yunes
  • voltlab
  • beats oligarch


  • pure nrg
  • havanna
  • sunset cafe
  • club moist
  • cubana
  • reds
  • stones
  • esp
  • flyhouse
  • masquerades
  • afrodisia
  • mystic boer
  • oolong lounge
  • hip hop

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    The Journey is an interactive timeline spanning from the birth of electronic music in South Africa to the present day. It’s about all of us who have built this scene, from the producers of countless epic events to the tireless foot soldiers pounding hours on the dancefloor. We are all in this together, co-creating the atmosphere we live for today.

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